Monday, February 20, 2012

Bed Time

As Christopher is maturing, he is able to communicate his desires better and better. Regardless of whether we are at our home or another's, Christopher has an uncanny ability to find dishwashers, dryers, and doorstops. He frequently will come and grab Alice's or my hand, stand up, and walk to his desired destination. He will then take our hand to the on-off control of the machines indicating he wants it on, or to the door stop so we can flick it while he laughs and giggles. With the dishwasher, dryer or also the washing machine, Christopher puts his ear to the machine, feels the vibrations and listens to the stimulating noises--sometimes for hours. After the machines have run multiple times, I tend to decline Christopher's further requests. Christopher will often then go to Alice and grab her hand usually with the same result. Christopher is one determined little boy, and does not like to take "no" for an answer.

This weekend, we went on a 4-wheeler trip as a family south of St. George, Utah. Christopher and I road all around the trails on my machine, Alice and Abbie on hers, and Ben road his. My brother and his daughter Cori also came with us. It was a great afternoon. In the evening, we were hanging out in our condo, and my best friend since I was around 4 years old, Paul, came over. Christopher knows a softy when he sees one. Christopher approached with the smile on his face he wears when he wants someone to help him have some fun. He passed right by me on the couch, grabbed Paul's hand and lead him to the washer and dryer. Not wanting to disappoint Christopher, Paul solicited Alice's help to start a new load. The last load had been washed multiple times already. After Christopher enjoyed the washer for about 30 minutes, he returned to the living room, grabbed Paul's hand again, and went for another walk. I expected him to go to one of the machines for another load. Instead, Christopher walked to his bedroom, climbed up in bed, and took Paul's hand to his covers to tuck him in.

I think Paul truly felt privileged that Christopher chose Paul to help with Christopher's desires and needs that night. One of the great privileges of having a child with special needs is the opportunity serve him every day. We are so blessed that Christopher has the ability to clearly express, in his own way, his gratitude for the service that he requires to meet his needs each day. Christopher seems to have an uncanny ability to involve others in his day-to-day care that brings them similar joy and satisfaction as we experience every day.

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