Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yellow Waterfalls

As we traveled to St. George for President's Day weekend last night, I was reminded of a funny experience on this same route at the end of last summer. We were traveling home from our favorite vacation spot, Lake  Powell. Christopher loves the water, and seeks out any source of water for play. Even when we are at church, he likes to stop at the drinking fountain as we pass, push the button, and play in the stream of water. When he is in the bath tub, he likes to put his hand under the faucet as the water comes out--sometimes, he pushes his hand up against the faucet and sprays water all over the bathroom.

Christopher is getting pretty good at walking with support. As we travel, I frequently take him to the bathroom. Often times, he is not the only one who needs to use the facilities. When he is done, I typically have him hold onto my waist behind me while I do my business. On this one occasion, I was following our normal routine. As I was half done, I suddenly noticed a hand come from behind blocking the stream. You can imagine my surprise. We both washed up really well. I have since learned to taken extra precautions to avoid his zeal for playing in streams of water to catch me by surprise.

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