Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Thrill of the Squeal

Last week, Alice and I went on a Caribbean cruise. We had a wonderful time basking in the sun and snorkeling in the blue ocean waters while it was snowing back home in Utah. As exciting as our vacation was, we both were ecstatic to return home and be reunited with our children. I believe all three of our children were equally happy to have their parents home. Interestingly, Christopher's inability to communicate with words leads to a heightened ability to communicate his emotions. When we returned and saw Christopher, he kissed us over and over. However, in my opinion, one of his most power means of communicating exquisite joy is his "squeal."

Christopher squeals when he is engaging in an activity that brings him great joy. His squeal is filled with emotion that clearly communicates his pleasure. His squeal pierces the souls of those who hear and infuses an electric ray of hope and happiness.

When I came home from work on the first night after we returned from our vacation, Alice was feeding Christopher at the dining room table. As soon as I voiced my greeting, Christopher let out one of his most joyous squeals and wore a smile from ear to ear. I interrupted his dinner, hugged him, and praised the Lord for the blessing of having such a special child in our home. Christopher is a happiness machine spreading pure joy to all those within his influence. I am so lucky to be around him every day!

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